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Finding the meaning of life again thanks to magic truffles | Rafaela

When I had my first experience with the so-called magic truffles at Triptherapie in the Netherlands in September, the trip was accompanied by Marcel and Rafaela. Since Rafaela speaks both German and English, I grabbed her right away and invited her to be a guest on this podcast.

The special thing about her story is that she was already 67 years old when she made the first trip with magic truffles. Before that, drugs or psychedelics played no role at all in her life – she hadn’t even smoked pot before.

Now, at the age of 67, her first trip with truffles. And it changed her life!

Among other things, I talked to Rafaela about

  • how the magic truffles came into her life,
  • what her life was like before, what milestones she experienced.
  • what the first trip with magic truffles was like for her, her personal experiences.
  • why she “died” in the trip and didn’t want to go back to reality.
  • what changes she experienced in her life after the truffle trip.
  • how she experienced the past, present and future simultaneously in her second trip with magic truffles.
  • why she is now active as a trip sitter herself.

Listen to the whole episode of Rafaela’s experience with magic truffles here:

(the introduction is german though)


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