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How Ayahuasca has given me my personal mudra

Sometimes in ayahuasca ceremonies you see things, people or situations that you have forgotten for a short time. They did not make sense or were apparently not important.

And then there are the things that stay.

Because they open your eyes, cause a deep change in you or you just remember something from the past.

Or they are tools that ayahuasca gives you.

This is how it was in a ceremony in Peru in February 2020, when ayahuasca showed me my personal mudra with which I can heal myself.

Ayahuasca Mudra Hands
My Ayahuasca mudra: Pinn for later!

Healing: From Reiki to Mudra

Avalon, one of the staff at El Camino Sagrado, tells us while drinking tea about a woman who uses Reiki during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

“Oh, interesting!” I think. “I also have a Reiki initiation. Maybe I can do that too.”

If you haven’t had any experience with ayahuasca, prepare yourself for the fact that such plans are not always easy to implement. Because often quite different things happen in your head…

But somehow this thought arrived in my subconscious and it was tangible for me later in the ceremony.

The thought came to me when I was far from sober, but I could already think a little clearer.

“I want to let universal life energy flow through me,” went through my mind.

“I’m doing a round of Reiki!”

Ugh, there was the memory!

So I started. Reiki on the head, neck, throat, heart and down to the solar plexus.

The solar plexus was the end.

There it suddenly felt completely different. More energy. A different energy.

And somehow I realized that I shouldn’t put my hands flat on my solar plexus, but in a certain position:

  • Press thumb and index finger together
  • Bend the remaining fingers to the palm of the hand.
  • The solar plexus is located in the middle of the field formed by the thumb and index finger.

That’s it.

In this position I was lying on the mattress for a long time during this position and enjoyed the feeling.

It was simply clear to me that I was healing myself with it.

yoni mudra hands

A San Pedro Ceremony at the end

The last ceremony in this retreat did not take place at night with Ayahuasca, but during the day with the cactus San Pedro. You will find the combination Ayahuasca-San Pedro in many retreats, because the two master plants should complement each other very well.

While most of the other participants seemed to have a quite pleasant time, I felt worse and worse.

I felt mega nauseous and somehow dizzy. I felt lousy, really sick. Like a little child wanting to sit on mummy’s lap.

But the shaman told me lovingly and clearly that there was no mummy around to whom I could climb on her lap.

No, I may now take care of myself.
I am allowed to do good for me.
I can trust that I will soon feel better again.
That was my task, my lesson in this ceremony with San Pedro.

I may look what is good for me and get exactly that. I may now take care of myself, very lovingly.

So I got myself a mattress, a thick blanket and a bottle of water, and I went under my blanket away from the other participants.

All of a sudden I felt it again: My healing mudra!

I lay on my back and with my hands I took the new position I had learned the day before.

And it worked!

Each time I let the energy flow through the solar plexus and I felt a little better. This is how I spent the next few hours.

  • Treating myself with my mudra
  • dozed
  • annoyed me about the returning nausea
  • treated me with my mudra
  • dozed
  • annoyed about returning nausea
  • etc etc

At some point, the effect of the cactus faded so much that I was able to join the other participants again.

I was so glad!

My Mudra stays with me

Of course, you could say that the effects of ayahuasca and San Pedro would have definitely worn off and my mudra would not have needed it.


But the feeling and knowledge I had when I put my hand on it was just stronger.

That’s why I continued to use my mudra even months later at home when I was feeling bad. No matter if physically or mentally.

By the way, I was not aware of the fact that it was a mudra for a long time.

In the ceremonies it was simply a hand position and a gift for me.

The realization: It`s the Yoni-Mudra

A few months later, I saw a similar hand position in a woman who did yoga, and that’s when the scales fell from my eyes: a mudra!

Like crazy I immediately googled mudras, because I didn’t know anything about mudras and quickly found my hand position:

The Yoni-Mudra.

That it is just this mudra I find totally interesting when I look at the effect of the Yoni-Mudra:

Yoni means source or womb, it stands for the female energy. The hand position awakens the original energy of greatest security. It helps you to be able to withdraw completely to yourself and feel safe and secure.

You feel one with the source of the universe.


This mudra is just a perfect match – after all, this was one reason why I flew to Peru for this ayahusca retreat.

Ayahuasca showed me that I have everything within me to heal myself.

So beautiful.

Thank you Ayahuasca

Do you know mudras?

Write me a comment! I look forward to reading from you.

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